The successful operation of any autonomous agent heavily depends on capturing and understanding the complex nature of the environment, including its volatile or implicit characteristics.

Even though robotics is undergoing rapid development, several application areas are still hindered by limitations in how environmental information is represented. Qualities that might be missing from state-of-the-art representations include the relations between environment features, meta-information describing the quality and applicability of the representation itself, or condition-dependent characteristics.

In this workshop, we go beyond a discussion of traditional 'semantic maps' (simply with object annotations), and instead gather experts from a range of fields to highlight and address limitations in conventional spatial representations for robotics.

We bring together researchers with diverse and versatile expertise and backgrounds to achieve this goal. Through gathering such a group, we aim to fulfill the following three objectives:

  • We aim to provide a platform to formulate and communicate the most urgent needs for representations in robotics.
  • We want to expose the robotic community to recent developments in relevant correlated fields such as AI and cognitive science.
  • As a result, we want to pave the road for developing novel representations reaching beyond the state-of-the-art.

Call for Papers

During this workshop, we will also hold a poster session to present recent developments. Thus we invite you to submit your novel contribution covering one of the following topics:
  • Representations of challenging environments (i.e., underwater and space environments, heavily crowded environments).
  • Implicit environment representations based on neural networks and other machine learning models.
  • Representations of other agents (humans and robots) that are operating in the same environment.
  • Representations of implicit environmental features (points of interest, "attention grabbers", etc.).
  • Representations of map meta information (quality, accuracy, etc.).
  • Representations for volatile quantities such as gas concentrations.
  • Context-aware motion planners.

The deadline to submit 6 page original manuscript + references is 14th of April 2023.
To submit your paper, please send it to the workshop chair:
For the paper template please use standard IEEE conference template.
The accepted works will be presented during poster sessions during the workshop. The papaers with corresponding posters will be available on the workshop's webpage.

Important Dates
Deadline for submission: 14th of April 2023
Notification of acceptance: 28th of April 2023
Deadline for final paper submission: 15th of May 2023


The key part of the conference will be held in person at the conference venue. However, for improved participation and dissemination the key talks will be streamed via zoom and they will be later available on the YouTube channel of the orgnisers.

For in-person participation, please follow the ICRA conference and workshops registration page.

Invited speakers

Program (tentative)

Time (London Local Time) Speaker Topic
8:30 - 8:40 am Organizers Welcome and Introduction
8:40 - 9:05 am Speaker 1, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
9:05 - 9:30 am Speaker 2, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
9:30 - 9:55 am Speaker 3, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
9:55 - 10:20 am Speaker 4, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
10:20 - 10:50 am Coffee Break Includes first poster session
10:50 - 11:35 am Discussion Topic:XXXX XXX
11:35 - 12:00 pm Speaker 5, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
12:00 - 12:25 pm Speaker 6, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
12:25 - 1:55 apm Lunch Break
1:55 - 2:20 pm Speaker 7, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
2:20 - 2:45 pm Speaker 8, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
2:45 - 3:10 pm Speaker 9, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
3:10 - 3:35 pm Speaker 10, Affiliation Title Abstract: tbd
3:35 - 4:05 pm Coffe Break Includes first poster session
4:05 - 4:50 pm Discussion Topic:XXXX XXX
4:50 - 5:00 pm Organizers Closing

Get in touch

Please feel free to send us an e-mail, if you have any questions regarding this workshop.